Andy is a Business Psychologist and Executive Coach. He has been a senior leader in business for many years, running training and development for well known organisations in the public and private sector. His consulting practice works with all different types of companies, including big names in sport and fitness like the Premier League, Mercedes F1, Nike, Puma and Speedo.

Since a teenager, Andy has always been actively involved in promoting mental health and wellbeing, for people in all walks of life. He has been a volunteer worker for the mental health charity Saneline, and the sight charity Vision Care for Homeless People. He has worked on projects to provide opportunities for visually impaired people both in the UK and in Africa. He provides pro bono coaching for The British Heart Foundation and manages projects that support front line workers in 2 well known UK charities.  Andy is also an addiction therapist and works with people wanting to recover from substance and behavioural disorders. He is a Trustee of the addiction organisation, ATSAC which helps other therapists learn how to support people with compulsive behaviour.

Andy has always been interested in boxing and fitness in general. He always recommends physical activity as a great way to improve well-being. When Valerian became his fitness coach, the chance to combine their specialisms in boxing and mental health was too good an opportunity to miss.

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